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She comes to me at evening, padding light,

To wake the beast within me for a while.

Her gentle touch can make my heart take flight.

The fingers trace a path across my smile,

My cheek, my eyes, my neck, then lower on

And lower still, send shivers to my brain.

I rise to meet her touch, my troubles gone

For one sweet moment. Amidst beating pain

She knows lives hard behind the plastic smile

That faces out. In darkest days the one

True salve, she wisely knows, is to beguile,

To distract, and to pleasure, till it’s done.

In fleeting moments, pain can be ignored,

But always there, one never cuts the chord.

Sweet Relief

Come to me, my precious, come hold me close;

Kiss me in ways that make my heart flutter;

Touch me in those places no one else knows

Fray my senses, make me shake and shudder

With uncontained rapture. Knowing fingers

Trace gentle lines in circles round and round

As I lay supine, your sweet touch lingers

In electric memories. Tightly wound

Inhibitions vanish, body is free

Of tension, pulse quickens, the breath grows short,

The heat rises, the brain crackles, the plea

For sweet relief is answered, you exhort

To screaming release. You watch and savor,

Knowing I will now return the favor.


Arms tied behind my head, you sit astride,

Fingers circle my nipples, fingernails

Seem sharpened, scrape the rosebuds, scratch my hide

Till tiny droplets appear. Make me wail

With rapture, beg for more, “Please, MORE,” I scream,

And you just laugh, your eyes betray your vice.

“Before I’m done, you’ll wish it was a dream,”

You sneer, “You thought getting fucked would be nice

And safe. You didn’t know what you would get

When you walked in. You didn’t know that pain

Could be so thrilling.” I feel your cunt get wet

Against my belly. You scrape me again.

My breath grows short. I explode. Loins afire.

After, in your eyes, I see raw desire.

The Dance

We dance in the night, you in scarlet sheath,

Bodies swaying, so close I feel your heart

Beat fast and faster, your sweet, fragrant breath

Lingers warm and inviting. Then we start

A slow, passionate rhythm, to the beat

Of distant music drifting on the strand,

There for other lovers. In the fierce heat

Of a tropical night, you press your hand

Into mine, come to me insistent, we’re

Face to face, hips to hips, lips gently touch,

Whisper words that only hearts can hear.

The message clear, the urgency too much

To ignore, we fall together and give

In to the primal need for which we live.

Did it Happen?

A glance across the room,

The crowd invisible to me,

You catch me watching.

A careful approach,

Try not to be obvious,

But still…

Looking away, but not,

Brush your arm, excuse myself,

Your fragrance staggers.

Probe, laugh, probe back, laugh,

Connection made, what is next?

Interest? Interest back?

Others disappear.

No one else in the room.

Momentary heat.

Momentary? More?

Gently graze my arm this time.

Smile. Look outside. Go.

I follow, hooked. To where?

You know the way; I do not.

You lead. I follow.

A garden. Light rain.

But not to dampen spirits,

You stop, you turn, nod.

A bench. I sit.

You sit. Close.

Face to face, your breath.

Fingers touch lightly,

Lips touch. Harder.

Faces, ears, necks, tongues.

Lower, to your knees.

Knowing hands

Undo, release, then kiss,

Eyes look up, mischief.

I sit, I watch, rapt,

Unable to comprehend

How it got to this.

Damp, soft, auburn hair

Drapes me, touches my mind,

Envelopes my soul.

Soft, sweet, warm, gentle,

I disappear, reappear,

Within your garnet lips.

I see me, then not,

Faster you, faster me.


Low sounds, yours, mine, ours,

Breaths, heartbeats, animal-like,

Guttural, like “Ommmmm.”

Lose control. Muscles tense,

Release, again, and again,

You drink ’till I’m empty.

You stand, kiss. “Mmmmm…”

“Hello, I’m An…”

“No. No names.

Just this. Remember.

It didn’t happen.”

Another smile, you’re gone.

Only fragrance left behind.

What now? What’s left? Drops.

Glisten in the moonlight.

Raindrops. Your drops. Mine.

What to hold on to?

Warmth lingers now with these drops.

Residue of passion.

Love’s Champagne

Take me.
Take me now.
I close my eyes,
Supine, I lay await
Your not so tender touch.
You ready yourself,
Seated there preparing.
Fingers to lips and lips,
And most of all, to mind,
Before the joy.
Hands move over
Dark pink circles,
Flicking nubs, making rise
Of deeper pink centers
Till they beckon me.
Hypnotized, I raise
Lips to those amazing beacons
Of your growing desire.
Teeth, you say,
Hurt them. Make me weep.
Head thrown back, 
You gasp, suck for breath.
More goes out than in,
Faster, faster.
Tiny cries escape.
Supine again.
Fingers take me hard.
Circling, milking, squeezing
Up and down, 
Tease my brain(s).
Damp on my face,
Barely breathe, but still
Flick the marble,
Deeply probe the damp,
Softly humming.
Take me in,
All of me.
Teeth gently scrape
Pulsing hardness
While I give back.
Rising temperatures,
Rising voices,
Rising spasms,
Rising expectations,
Rising waves of pleasure.
Voice exploding,
Brain exploding,
Body exploding,
In you exploding.
As you laugh.
You shiver.
Screams pierce the silence,
Shaking, quaking, aching,
Fingernails scraping thighs
As I swallow.
Come to me.
Mouth to mouth.
Drink your nectar,
Drink mine.
Love’s champagne.

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