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Dancing into Oblivion

@CallumSkelton on Unsplash

The deep recesses of the scattered mind

Buzz viciously, informing crazy thoughts

Of carnivals and suicides that wind

Around each other, tangled up in boughs

Of twisted memories. In saner days

The pounding releases my busy brain

To cope with what’s in front. But in the craze

Of here and now, the repeating refrain

Of a world gone mad comes too close to home.

It brings with it a spinning, whirling gyre

From which escape is possible in some

Alternate moment, but onto a wire

Strung across the universe. I balance

Carefully. This is not a place to dance.

May Day

They danced. Virginia Reel, I heard it said.

White girls in pink pinafores, Mayday ball.

Back and forth, round and round, the dancers played

A game of remember when. They recall

A different time, when “proper” was the word

That defined society, a coward’s thought.

But “proper” wasn’t what some others heard.

It meant “Them, not us.” As they justly sought

To live on level playing fields, they met

Resistance at every turn. “You can’t drink

Water here; you can’t ride this bus; take your set

Somewhere else. Don’t tell me what you think!”

They danced Virginia Reels to honor, what?

Don’t let MY young participate in that.