Number 1

‘magine my surprise.
People like to read haikus.
Guess I shouldn’t stop.


Number 2

Sitting at my desk,
Thinking of my next haiku.
Got a headache now.


Number 3

Need to think of more.
No more introspection now.
Readers want more meat.


Number 4

Could it really be?
People like to read poems?
Fallen down a hole?


Number 5

Couldn’t sleep last night.
Brain was working on these lines.
Think I need a nap.


Number 6

Is this how I think–
in seventeen syllable
thoughts? I must be sick.


Number 7

This process is so strange.
Learning just how to express
Deep thoughts in three lines.


Number 8

If everyone could
make their case in just three lines,
wouldn’t life be sweet?


Number 9

Down this road I go,
companions reading along.
Is this happening?


Number 10

This isn’t what I thought
This place would do for my life.
Now I like it more.


Number 11

Poetry is strange.
Didn’t know how good it felt.
Hated it in school.


Number 12

Written lots of these.
Think I’ll try a sonnet next.
Wonder if I can.